Episode XIII

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It is said of Norse legend that 12 gods were enjoying a feast of a banquet when the 13th god showed up, Loki, and murdered a son of Odin; Balder The Brave… Thus the 13th god began Ragnorok, the end of times.

It is also said that a young boy, suffering from physical and mental deformities, was left out alone on Crystal Lake, while the ground’s camp counselors were partying it up and fornicating. That boy drowned. He drowned on Friday the 13th, which has become the ultimate day for revenge upon dirty, young, careless, fornicators….

It is also said that the 13th episode of Bodybuilding Nerds Radio will signal the calling: BODYBUILDING NERDS….UNITE!!!! Bodybuilding Nerds, prep your meals, put down your Flex magazine, and press play on your i-machines….it’s time to get nerdy…