Episode XXVII

Download it HERE!...if you're Nerdy enough


BY ODIN’S BEARD!!! Did you see Walking Dead episode 2?!!! Well, we didn’t (yet)! Because we’ve been recording the next episode of BNR for all of the Bodybuilding Nerds out there who are feening for some Cliff Notes on the plethora of important bodybuilding podcasts out there! This week: Mesmerizing Banter! Listener Questions! Supplement Shout-Outs/Call-Outs! And as always, bodybuilding podcasts: Gear’d Up! PED Radio! All Bull Radio! Heavy Muscle Radio! Central Bodybuilding! Me oh MY, that’s a metric crap-ton of podcasts! So DVR that Walking Dead, put the new trailer of Star Wars “The Force Awakens” on pause, and grab your favorite morsal of junk food just so you can tease dieting Veej…..cuz it’s time to get nerdy. Bodybuilding Nerds…..UNITE!!!