22 Oct

Episode XXVIII

Press HERE, and you'll be Famous!!


Two Episodes in ONE week??!! Do we have anything better to do?? Or are we that excited to hear our nasaly voices on the internet!?? ANYTHING to please our 17 listeners! But after coming off a Bodybuilding Nerd HIGH from being guests on our BELOVED Gear’d Up Podcast, we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to spit another one out for the Bodybuilding Nerd Nation (which mostly consists of 2 of Veej’s 5 dogs, and Scott’s mom). This week: Mindless Banter! Supplement Reviews! Stacey Oster’s story! And of course, our podcasts for this week: Gear’d Up!… did we mention that we made it on Gear’d Up??? Heavy Muscle Radio! International Iron! And did we mention that we made it on Gear’d UP!???????? Get your Snack Packs ready and put away your Tug Toner, cuz it’s time to get nerdy. Bodybuilding Nerds….UNITE!!!!

Gear'd UP:BNR pic