Episode XXXIII

Download it here! And Remember, remember ~ V


Thanksgiving has come and gone, Scott’s belly is full of pie, and Veej’s belly is full of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids…fun…BUT, that doesn’t stop us from spitting out BNR Episode 33 on this fiesty Cyber Monday!! We have Shout-Outs! Nerdology Topic! Witty banter! And of course we have our beloved Bodybuilding Podcast reviews! This week; a Vigilant and Vibrant rebuttle to the Vicious, Vehement, Venomous, and Vexing,  Vocal-Violence Veered against the Bodybuilding Nerds, specifically Veej, on The First Callout, for which we Vigilantly Vie our Virtuous Vitality, Vindicating all Viable Vendetta against the Villainous Victimization from the one known as Meinrod. Also, we have a kick ass Gear’d Up! Heavy Muscle Radio! Generation Iron With Kai Greene??! And our Podcast of the week; Inside Bodybuilding!

Remember, remember, the 23rd of November, the Callout Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Meinrod Treason should ever be forgot. Vbodybuilding Vnerds….Vunite!!! It’s time to get Vnerdy….