Episode 47! w/Arnold Amateur and Bodybuilding Nerd; Jason Statler!

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The Arnold Classic is upon us!! As you head to Columbus, or scour the internet for Arnold Classic updates, the Bodybuilding Nerds have dropped Episode 47 into your laps to kill time before the Ladies and Gentlemen take the grand stage!! Brought to you by Campus-Elite.com and ONYX, BNR Episode 47 brings you Arnold Amateur Classic Bodybuilding and Michigan Native; Jason Statler,  Bodybuilding Nerd code name: “Handsome-The Nerd”. And of course, we have Listener Questions! Shout Outs! Exciting Podcast reviews featuring Gear’d Up with The Master Shredder, Mr. Consistency, Good’Ole Walnut Ass, Proliferator of the Starnes Effect, Sultan of Suffering, Jacked Bi-Focaled Uncle Fester, Shredded Dr. Bunsen… Shelby Starnes! Heavy Muscle Radio! Guerrilla Chemist! All Bull Radio! First Callout w/Mike Pulcinella …Wow! What a show! We have NO time for hyperbole and alliteration, cuz it’s time to get nerdy… Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!!!