Episode 76!!

By the power of Gray Skull!!! Download it NOOOOOWWWW!!!



The 2016 Mr. Olympia is in the books, and Bodybuilding Nerds Nation is ripe with excitement… But mostly because He-Man reruns are back on Teletoon Retro, god bless Canadian broadcasting. Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE! Brought to you by the malevolent magi over at BestBarEver.com and MindAndMuscle.com, Episode 76 has alchemized before us! This week; Jovial Banter! Listener Questions! Hi-Tech Decabolin and LG pBold updates! Olympia prattle! And as always, our bodybuilding podcast reviews for this week; The Size Game w/guest Ron Partlow! Heavy Muscle Radio! PED Radio! Medical Muscle! Redcon1’s Readiness Radio! And a preview of Advices Radio! So heat up that breakfast Chef Boyardee mystery meat stuffed ravioli, push up those bi-focals, and just press play…cuz it’s time to get nerdy…



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