Episode 81!!


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аdvise buy calcium carbonate Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! Brought to you by the luminous lunatics over at BestBarEver.com and MindAndMuscle.com, Episode 81 has taken form before us! This week on BNR 81; Special BNR Visit from S2H, Traitorous Veej writing for RedCon1?! No more Walking Dead for Scott McNally?! Mountain Dog “The Sentinel” Program drops! Shout-Outs! Listener Questions! And as always; BNR Podcast Reviews for this week including Heavy Muscle Radio! Medical Muscle! Beast Fitness Radio! Found My Fitness! BioDefined Radio w/special guest, John Meadows! Advices Radio X2 with David Johnston! It’s a packed week of super cool bodybuilding madness! So say your farewells to Abraham and Glenn, pretend you didn’t see Glenn’s eyeball pop out, and pray that Negan tastes his own demise via Lucile turning his skull into bloody, pink, ectoplasmic chunks of skull, hair, and neuronic fat…And then press play, cuz it’s time to get nerdy…

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