Episode 89 – Christmas!!!

Happy Krampus!! Download it here!!!!


‘Twas just another BNR Friday, but Eve of Christmas Eve. Scott and Veej were Grinches, could you possibly believe? With Vaso-Factor in our pockets and Best Bar Ever stuck in our teeth as we sneer, we set off the call to Unite, and squash that Christmas cheer… Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE! Brought to you by the splendid scrooges over at BestBarEver.com, GiaLabs.com, Azoth, MindAndMuscle.com, and M4Bteam.com, Episode 89 has sledded into your merry eardrums with the force of 12 reindeer! This week; Shout-Outs! Christmas Jeer! Supplement Reviews! Listener Questions! The Bodybuilding Nerds make it onto RxMuscle’s “Muscle In The Morning!” And of course, Bodybuilding Podcasts for this Krampus week; Heavy Muscle Radio! Biodefined Radio! Gear’d UP! The Size Game! and Central Bodybuilding! So spike that community egg nog with whey isolate, inappropriately and over-gropingly make-out under the mistletoe, and egg as many Christmas carolers as you can… but Happy Hanukah to all, because it’s time to get nerdy…

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