BNR – Episode 123!!

Download it NOW! еffect Bodybuilding Nerds, heads high, honor the memory of those we lost, and UNITE! Brought to you by the wriggling reckless warriors over at,,,, HGH Power, and, in this somber week, the Nerds come to you with a lightheartedness that only a couple of geeks can provide on BNR Episode 123! This week; sad news in the Bodybuilding world, BNR Pants, Shout-Outs, Hot Topic, and Listener Question! And as always; Bodybuilding Podcasts for the week including: Heavy Muscle Radio w/Aaron Singerman! Muscle Minds! Strength Depositions! Don’t Fear The Weight! Bodybuilding LEGENDS w/Lee Haney! Muscle Expert w/Jordan Peters! Beast Fitness Radio! The Size Game Podcast! And much more! So dry your eyes, stand tall, even if you are a 212 guy, and celebrate those we lost…of course, some chocolate and Capn’ Crunch also help to make things better, and then press play, cuz it’s time to get nerdy…


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