1 Feb

BNR – Episode 145!!! Clinical/Bodybuilding Nerds!???

For the love of sexy Dryads, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!


DR. OGDEN IN DA HOUSE!!!! Flyin’ his Philly Eagles banner and dropping some nerdy delicacy this week on Clinical Bodybuilding Nerds Radio! With Scott McNally off to save the endagered Costa Rican Satyrs, Veej is holding down BNR with teammate; Dr. Stephen Ogden for a BNR Special! Brought to you by the prickly petrified pegasi over at SeekingAzoth.com, GiaLabs.com, MindAndMuscle.com, BestBarEver.com, and M4b.is, BNR episode 145 is sure to send nerdy sound waves into you ear holes and produce Unicorns out the other end. This week; Glorious Banter! Supplement Reviews! Veej rants on his shitty alma mater! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for; Bodybuilding Legends! Heavy Muscle Radio! Muscle Minds w/guest Dave Pulcinella! Beast Fitness Radio! Muscle Expert Podcast! And MORE! So summon your horde of Centaur to slay the mighty Cyclops, and then press play….cuz it’s time to get nerdy…