22 Feb

BNR – Episode 148!!

Save a Brown Guy, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!


Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!!! Brought to you by the prickly princesses over at BestBarEver.com, MindAndMuscle.net, SeekingAzoth.com, M4B.is, and Fuck Palmer College of Chiropractic, BNR episode 148 has arrived, Veej-less, but one Doctor smarter, in the form of the delicious Dr. Stephen Ogden!! Scott and Doc nail it down this week with; Supplement Reviews! Listener Question! Glorious Banter! Azoth’s UNSUNG HEROES! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews featuring: Heavy Muscle Radio! Advices Radio w/Wade Lightheart! Beast Fitness Radio! Clinical Muscle! Muscle Expert Podcast! And more! So take 2 white muscle heads with spectacles, minus 1 uni-browed brown guy, and multiply that by a bunch of nerdy bodybuilding shit and you’ll figure out what time it is…for lack of hyperbole, it’s time to get nerdy…