BNR – Episode 166!!!

What Would Benicio Del Toro do?? He'd Download it HERE!!!  

revitalize Bodybuilding Nerds…UNITE!!! Brought to you by the eerie enchanting emos over at,,, and, BNR episode 166 is slamming into your earholes with the speed and force of an eroded nerf ball. This week on BNR; Shout-Outs! Listener Questions! Eat-A-Dick! and Azoth’s Supplement Spotlight! And as always, bodybuilding podcast reviews for this week including; Advices Radio! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! Heavy Muscle Radio! Muscle Expert Podcast! Don’t Fear The Weight! Power Cast! Bodybuilding Legends! Mind-Body Broadcast! And more!! So pack your snacks and put a few cheeseburgers down your pants to hide them from the buzz-kill movie-ticket counter, and go watch the new Sicario IMMEDIATELY!!! But first, press play, cuz it’s time to get nerdy… help read