BNR – Episode 199!!…”The RSS Master Controller is a Prick!”


Tough week, and after a physical altercation with the RSS Master Controller, (we’ll call him “Mercury”) the Nerds prevailed in an epic thumb-war fight as we squeezed a new RSS feed out of him. Mercury is a PRICK, but BODYBUILDING NERDS, UNITE!!! Brought to you by the mysterious mummified magistrates over at,,, and Scott Stevenson’s “Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach”, you least favorite Nerds are back to square one and working with dial-up. This week: Supplement Reviews! Narcissistic Banter! Arnold Podcast Event! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for this week including; Cerebral Entertainment Podcast! Old Skool Muscle! Bodybuilding Legends! Advices Radio w/Brandon Curry!! Drugs’n Stuff w/Luke Sandoe!! Blood Sweat and Gear! Rough Rugged and Raw! Mind-Body Broadcast! and MORE!! So speak in XML and Klingon, and chant the last verse from the ancient scrolls, and then press play…cuz we’re nerdier than ever…and its time to get nerdy…NERDS!!!!