BNR – Ep. 2-HUNDO!!

Arnold Weekend Re-Visited! The end of BNR???

Avengers ASSEMBLE!!…Whoops, we mean; Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!! Brought to you by the bubbly brackish barbarians over at, Scott Stevenson’s “Be your Own Bodybuilding Coach”, and, the nerds are back for episode 2-Hundo! Mercury, that prick RSS Master Commander, has beaten us again this week. His mutant healing factor and the power to control RSS feeds AND hurricane force winds has made the nerds cower in fear, yet again. This week, Last Episode Ever? Arnold Classic weekend RE-VISITED! Man-OH-MAN, the STORIES!! Arnold Classic bodybuilding wrap-up! Aceto Sighting! Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden sightings X2!! And of course, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for this week including; Heavy Muscle Radio! Cerebral Entertainment Podcast! Rough, Rugged, and Raw! MD Global w/Luke Sandoe! Muscle Intelligence w/John Meadows! Bodybuilding Legends! Advices Radio w/Brando Curry! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! And MUCH MORE! So grow out your beard, cover yourself in flannel, and carry a 90ft extension chord and cement shovel, through the crowded walk-ways of the Columbus Convention Center on the momentous day of the Arnold Classic…because you are awesome…and it’s time to get nerdy for the 200th time. You’re welcome.