BNR – Episode 211!! “Canada, where food portions will disappoint you”… orient

justify Only on SoundCloud! Because iTunes is a sour succubus. Bodybuilding Nerds, Unite!! Brought to you by the kindred kindly krakens over at,,,, Scott Stevenson’s “Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach”, and, it is truly confirmed; only John Hanson reads this shit! This week; Lengthy Delightful Banter! Best Bar Ever Give Away! M4B July the 4thcontest! Listener Questions! And of course, our weekly bodybuilding podcast reviews for; Heavy Muscle Radio! Bodybuilding Legends! Rough, Rugged, and Raw! The Come UP! Muscle Minds! Global Muscle Radio! Old Skool Muscle! And MUCH more! So be scorned with 1 pancake because Canada doesn’t know what a “stack” is, and then press play, cuz it’s time to get nerdy…


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