Episode 49!!

For the love of Thor, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!


Ooooooooooh LORDY! What a week, and what a week for technical difficulties!?? Is there some kind of virus going on that is inhibiting the bodybuilding podcasts from coming to life this week??? Well, the nerds here at BNR, fought the good fight and slayed that wreched beast bitch virus, and from it’s hewn belly we pulled out BNR EPISODE 49 for the Bodybuilding Nerd Nation, of whom NEEDS it’s bodybuilding podcasts!!! Brought to you by Campus-Elite.com and ONYX, BNR 49 is ALIVE!! This week: NEW SPONSOR; MindandMuscle.com!! Delightful Banter! Technical difficulties! Supplement Reviews! Technical Difficulties! Listener Questions! Technical Difficulties! ONLY 1 PODCAST TO COVER!! Diarrhea, and….TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!!! So drop your broadsword and peel off your Excaliber armor so you can just press play….cuz it’s time to get nerdy…