BNR – Episode 116!!

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indulekha hair oil price Ugh, do we really need another Spider-Man movie?? Answer; OF COURSE! Brought to you by the web slinging psychopaths over at,,, and, BNR Episode 116 has crawled into your home, despite you spraying the house for spiders, and creeped into your earholes to lay fresh BNR eggs! This week; Delightful banter! Supplement Shout-Out! Listener Question! Azoth’s Unsung Hero’s! And as always, podcast reviews for the week including; Heavy Muscle Radio! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! Strength Depositions! Gear’d UP! Don’t Fear The Weight! And MORE! So pony up your spider strength, cinch up your Stark-made spider suit, and squash that Vulture…the lamest and weakest of the Sinister Six, and potentially the most boring of all Spider-Man villains…and then press play! Cuz it’s time to get nerdy…

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