BNR – Episode 118!!

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predict diclofenac gel cost Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! From the crackpot crusaders over at,,,, and, BNR Episode 118 has crash landed into your eardrum, buzzing around like an annoying, lost, malaria-carrying mosquito! This week; Delicious banter! Listener Question! Supplement Reviews! New goodies from our sponsors! Azoth’s Unsung Heroes! Scott and Venice Beach!???? And as always, a fleet of Bodybuilding Podcast reviews including; Heavy Muscle Radio! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! Strength Depositions! Clinical Muscle! Advices Radio w/Santi Aragon! Don’t Fear The Weight!…take a breath, aaaaand; BioDefined Radio! Beast Fitness! And MUCH MUCH MORE!!! So pledge yourself to Khaleesi, pray that the Sand-Snakes get killed off, and hail the King Of The North…because “The North Remembers”… I MEAN, cuz it’s time to get nerdy…

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