BNR – Episode 119!!!

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provera price аdvise Replace the tape on the nose bridge of your bi-focals, and quit eating that paper maché glue paste, because the nerds are BACK! Brought to you by the weirwood worshipping wingnuts over at,,, and, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Episode 119 has landed just in time to yawn your way through your Friday morning! This week; Delightful Banter! AZOTH update! Listener Question! Supplement Reviews!! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for the week; Joe Rogan ft. Dorian Yates! Bodybuilding Legends! Strength Depositions! Muscle Minds! Advices Radio ft. Jan Tana!! Gear’d Up! Beast Fitness x2! And much MORE!!! Busy podcast week for sure, and yet, we still managed to miss Heavy Muscle Radio… So throw away the yolks and quit buying Whey Concentrates, and then press play…Cuz it’s time to get nerdy…

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