BNR – Episode 132!!!

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retrieve What are you doing reading this when the NEW season of “Stranger Things” is out NOW!!!??! Because you need a pre-nerd pow-wow before you engage in Season 2/Stranger Things, in the form of Bodybuilding Nerds Radio ep132!!! Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! Brought to you by the magnificent malign majesties over at,,,, HGH Power, and, Episode 132 is chargrilled, hot, and fresh for your inner ear taste buds! This week: Scott is BACK from sunny Venice Beach! Shout-Outs! Listener Questions! Supplement Review! And of course Bodybuilding Podcast reviews; Heavy Muscle Radio! Gear’d Up! Bodybuilding Legends! Beast Fitness Radio! Don’t Fear The Weight! And more! So wipe the sunblock away from your cheeks, and drop your pants like all the other sideshow freaks on Muscle Beach, and just press play…cuz it’s time to get nerdy… observe

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