BNR – Episode 165!!!

Jurassic World is out NOW!!! But Download this First!!!

debate himalaya himcolin gel price Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!! Brought to you by the vexing vibrant velociraptors over at,,, and, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio ep165 has crashed through the safety paddock and into your listening device via vicious metal-melting acid sprayed from the mouth of a dilophasaurus! This week; Shout-Outs! Listener Questions! Azoth’s Supplement Spotlight! The infamous Eat-A-Dick segment! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for this week including; Heavy Muscle Radio! Muscle Minds! Advices w/Wade Lightheart! Bodybuilding Legends w/Chris Dickerson! 2 Scoops Radio! And much more! So grab your mosquito repellent and journey to Jurassic World and try to make sense of how Star-Lord can be in so many blockbuster movies, and then press play….cuz it’s time to get nerdy… gather еnsure