BNR – Episode 190!!

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Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! Brought to you by the mesmerizing mercurial mercenaries over at,, Scott Stevenson’s
“Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach”, and, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio ep190 is fresh out of the record press and filled with glorious B-side banter. This week; M4B Contest Giveaway info! Supplement Reviews! Instagram Call-Outs/Eat-A-Dick! Listener Questions! And as always, bodybuilding podcast reviews for this week including; Mind-Body Broadcast! Ruff Rugged and Raw! Bodybuilding Legends! Pulse of Bodybuilding! Muscle Minds! Drugs’n Stuff! Clinical Muscle! Old Skool Muscle! Cerebral Entertainment Podcast! And much much more! So if you’re a nerd, you know to stay away from lettuce, unless its on your cheeseburger, and just know that if it says “100% Beef”, that’s probably plucked from the linear equation of 100% Beef = 10% cat, 40% raccoon, 40% shoe soles, and 20% Chinese-people hair… which actually makes 110% overall. The extra 10% just for being nerdy…for lack of a better rhyme, it’s time to get nerdy…