BNR – Episode 198!! …”That’s My Favorite Part Of The Show, Veej!”

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Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!! Brought to you by the sniveling sniping sycophants over at,,, and Scott Stevenson’s “Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach”, BNR Episode 198 is lukewarm and best served mostly cooked. This week; Savory Banter! Supplement Reviews! Bunch’o Listener Questions! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for this week including; Old Skool Muscle! The Size Game! Advices Radio! Drugs’n Stuff! The Come UP! Mind Pump! Revive Stronger! Rough Rugged and Raw! Muscle Minds! And much more! So make sure you are coming to the Pants Party, the party with the pants, inside the pants, because you’re all invited, and then press play, cuz it’s time to get nerdy…





Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach!

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