Bodybuilding Nerds Radio! Ep 104!

Download it NOW!!!! Unless you aren't nerdy enough.... import identify One of us is white and hungry, and one of us is brown and bloated, but we’re both NERDY AS F**K! Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE! Brought to you by the delirious dirty dementors over at,,,, and M4B.IS, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Ep 104 has oozed into your ear holes to fill your tympanic gaps full of Bodybuilding Nerds love-jelly. This week; Instagram GiaLabs Giveaway updates! M4B Easter BOGO! Secrets to becoming a McDonald’s Pro?? Listener Questions and in depth pre-contest Case Study!! And as always, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews this week including; Heavy Muscle Radio! Clinical Muscle! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! BioDefined Radio! All Bull Radio! Beast Fitness! And much more! Chicagoans, put down that 3lbs slice of abomination you call a pizza slice, New Yorkers, quit folding your oversized oleaginous pancake of a Pizza slice, and Trinidad/Tobago, for the love of god, ketchup and mustard is NOT a pizza topping! Stuff your oral cavity full of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and just press play…cuz it’s time to get nerdy… convince

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