Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode 24

Download it HERE!....if you think you're Nerdy Enough


Brace yourselves!! You didn’t ask for it, and you probably didn’t want it, but the Nerds are on FIRE this week, pumping out another episode of Nerdy Goodness to add to the monotony of your day/cardio/ambient sleep noise machine. The bodybuilding nerds dive into a listener question! Shout-Outs! More Post-Apocalypse Olympia discussion! And, of course, our beloved Bodybuilding Podcast reviews! This episode: Gear’d Up, 3 Questions w/Tad The Diet Coach, HMR, and Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide! So shine your glasses, and put the “Fear of The Walking Dead” on pause…..cuz it’s time to get nerdy….Bodybuilding Nerds: UUUUUUNITE!!!!