Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode 41!

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“ACETO!! THESE DAMN BED BUGS ARE BACK!! GODDAMIT!!” ~ Chris Aceto’s Old Gross Tenant ….Bodybuilding nerds, UNITE!! Brought to you by and ONYX!! Yes, we are late to the party, yes, we know it’s monday, yes, now your monday shall now be extra boring, and NO, Veej does NOT have bed bugs. BUT, those damn critters kept us from recording on Thursday night anyways! This week on BNR to tickle your eardrums; Exquisite banter! Shout outs! January Gym Noobs! Gear’d Up Gathering! Scott’s Porn History Lesson???! And of course, Bodybuilding’s finest podcast reviews for; Gear’d UP! Heavy Muscle Radio! PED Radio! and NEW The Guerilla Chemist!! All this and much, much more…well actually, not much more, that is about all. So stop hitting that snooze button and instead press play! Either way, you’re going back to sleep…cuz it’s time to get nerdy…