Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode 62!!

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Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! Brought to you by the wizards and sorcerers of and, AND the mad alchemists at, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Episode 62 has materialized before you!! A bigger, stronger, and a more delicious beast than EVER! This week, we welcome our new sponsor and wonderful friends at Best Bar Ever and give you a LIVE taste-review on the air! They said don’t do it. They said it was a bad idea. They say to NEVER eat food on the air…but we care NOT! We are just that nerdy! Also, we have listener questions and delightful banter! And of course, our melee of bodybuildng podcasts for the week: Heavy Muscle Radio! Gear’d UP! All Bull Radio! The NEW PER! International Iron w/The Sith Lord! And a Special shout out to the boys over at NY Muscle Radio for having on the Nerds on NY Muscle Radio episode 98! Crazy week of podcasts and a wild week of listening. So throw away your Detour bar, pray that it doesn’t induce hypoglycemia, grab a Best Bar Ever to redeem those blood sugar levels, and just press play….cuz it’s time to get nerdy…

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