Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode 92!!! Ch-Ch-Ch-Ah-Ah-Ah

If Jason X was your favorite from F13th series, PRESS HERE!!


“His name was Jason, and he was my son.” ~ Pamela Voorhees

Happy Friday the 13th to Bodybuilding Nerds EVERYWHERE!! Brought to you by the maniacal miscreants over at,,,, and, Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Episode 92 has risen from Crystal Lake to chop down fornicating teenagers at camp sites, the world over! This week on BNR 92; Scott’s Podcasting Wizardry! Veej’s hunt for the right strain of “green”! Prady comes on to talk about Azoth! Listener questions! And of course, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews for this week; Found My Fitness! Advices Radio w/Bostin Loyd! New York Muscle Radio! Gear’d Up! Central Bodybuilding! Blood, Sweat, and Gear! And Beast Fitness Radio! So put on your far out of date and way behind baseline safety code regulation standards Ice Hockey Goalie masks, and grab the nearest random farm tool, turned murder weapon, and Ch-Ch-Ch-Ah-Ah-Ah…cuz it’s time to get nerdy…