Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode David Johnston!!!!

Download it HERE!...YOU MUST!!!!

Bodybuilding’s #1 Podcast that covers everyone else’s Bodybuilding Podcasts, just so we can have a Bodybuilding Podcast of our own, is taking a Bodybuilding Podcast break! Why??? Because this episode we have Bodybuilding Podcast HERO, DAVID-FREAKIN’-JOHNSTON of the Gear’d Up Podcast for the entire show!!!!!! Bodybuilding Nerds, dust off your thesauri, put down the pink 8lbs dumbells, and for the love of god, Edamama pods are NOT a great source of protein, so DON’T order that shit with your pre-God Of War game night Sushi!! Bodybuilding Nerds….UNITE!!! It’s time to get Johnston’d….