Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode VII

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Take the Blue pill and you will return to life as you know it. But, take the Red pill and you will be transported to a land of Bodybuilding Nerdiness that you will never forget…. BODYBUILDING NERDS, UNITE! Episode 7 is in!

This week the Nerds discuss:

-The 2015 NPC Simmons Classic!

-Simmons Shout-Outs!

-Listener Questions!

-Supplement Shout-Out!

-This weeks world of Bodybuilding PODCAST REVIEWS!!: Heavy Muscle Radio, Gear’d Up, PED Radio, and All Bull Radio!

And some exciting news to share with the ever faithful Bodybuilding Nerds Radio audience! So put your World of Warcraft on pause, and give us a listen… It’s time to get nerdy…

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