Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode XXI – Taylor Normandeau SPECIAL!


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They say that once you’ve had a threesome with 2 Canadians, you never go back. Just ask Scott McNally! From the Canadian Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada, hails one of the greatest of the Bodybuilding Nerds, Commander#2 of Project Bodybuilding, Guitar Shred Master, and just an all around cool cat with a voice so smooth, you’re gonna wanna to drink it. I’m talking about Taylor Normandeux! Today we dive into all the Bodybuilding Nerdiness of podast show production, Bodybuilding goals, life with Meinrod, Ketchup chips, and SO much MORE!! From Vancouver to Detroit, we cry out together: BODYBUILDING NERDS….UUUUUUUUNITE!!!!! It’s time to get nerdy….