Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Episode XXVI

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Still reeling from Episode David Freakin’ Johnston, the Bodybuilding Nerds are BACK and over-equipped to lull you into a mid-day slumber. If we can’t bore you, NOBODY CAN! This week; Exquisit Banter! Supplement Reviews! Listener Question! Diet Time for Veej???? #TeamStarnes And, of course, Bodybuilding Podcast reviews! Gear’d Up! Heavy Muscle Radio! All Bull Radio! First Callout! PED Radio!…(GASP) let me catch my breath…. Central Bodybuiling! International Iron! Oh My GOD! That’s a lot of podcasts. BUT, your Nerds are ready for them all! Are you??? Bodybuilding Nerds….UNITE!!!! It’s time to get nerdy….