Bodybuilding Nerds Radio – Shelby Starnes!! #MasterShredder

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Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE! Brought to you by and ONYX! This is IT! This is what ALL nerds have been waiting for!!!….STAR WARS FORCE AWAKENS has landed!! Nerds everywhere are dressing up for the big event, spit shining their light sabers, building their own droids, and obstaning from intercourse! Well, that last part is actually just the curse of being a nerd and is a relevant social ailment all year long, BUT as the Millennium Falcon drops, so does BNR Episode SHELBY STARNES! What a DAY!! This week the Bodybuilding Nerds interview Shelby Starnes, the #MasterShredder himself, regarding topics of: questions on Training, questions on Diet Coaching, questions on Supplements, question on why the #MasterShredder has dieted Veej for the past 8 weeks with no cheat meals at all, and all things that Bodybuilding Nerds everywhere would want to know! Also; Chosen 1 update from Blackstone Labs supplement review! Michigan Competitors Gathering! New journey begins for Scott! Podcast of the week; Gear’d Up review! Aaron Singerman drops new info about the legendary Iron Empire Radio! And who the hell is “Budgie”???!! Let us waste no more time. Summon the combined strength of your midichlorians and Force-push the play button… for it is time to get nerdy…