Episode 87!!

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Grab your intra-podcast carbs, inject 2iu Novolog, and chant with us; Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!!!! Brought to you by the brutish barbaric brainiacs over at BestBarEver.com, GiaLabs.com, MindAndMuscle.com, and M4BTeam.com, BNR Episode 87 has convulsed itself to life for your bodybuilding podcasting fetish! This week on Episode 87; Shout-Outs! Listener Question! Boisterous Banter! Announcements for Advices Radio Network! And as always, bodybuilding podcast reviews for the week: Heavy Muscle Radio! Central Bodybuilding! BioDefined Radio! TNT Podcast w/John Meadows! Advices Radio w/Collette Nelson! And the blessed return of The Size Game!! So check your blood sugars and Leggo my post-workout Eggo…cuz it’s time to get nerdy…