Episode 45!

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Bodybuilding Nerds….UNITE!!! Brought to you by Campus-Elite.com and ONYX (Yxx-Yxx-Yxxx), Bodybuilding Nerds Radio 45 has arrived to brighten up your Friday and quite possibly lull you into a comatose slumber! This week on BNR; Enchanting Banter as only WE can deliver! Shout Outs! Supplement Review! New light on the Detroit Gear’d Up Gathering! And KISS?!??? And as always, our beloved Bodybuilding Podcast reviews: Heavy Muscle Radio! The Guerrilla Chemist! The First Callout! and Central Bodybuilding!! All this wild nerdiness and much, much more! And when I say much more, I really mean, that is all. So put away your red costumes and Katana blades, because there is only ONE Deadpool! And if he lifted weights, I bet he would listen to BNR. So be like imaginary Weight-Lifting Wade Wilson and just press play…Cuz it’s time to get nerdy…