Episode 44!

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Feeling deprived of your bodybuilding podcasts?? Feeling depressed and bored because of lack of ear titillating podcast stimulation?? Fret no further because BNR Episode 44 has materialized to bore you even further and make you WISH there was something else to listen to. But the joke is on you, because there is not! Brought to you by Campus-Elite.com and preworkout salaciousness: “ONYX”, BNR 44 brings you the #1 Bodybuilding Podcast that covers every other Bodybuilding Podcast, just to have a Bodybuilding Podcast of our own…we amaze ourselves at our ironical ingenuity… Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! This week: IFBB Pro Jermichael Pratt talks about proper color, shine, and stage bells and whistles, as well as, some of his AMAZING clientele in the industry! Also, we have Shout Outs! Listener Questions! Adorable Banter! Supplement Reviews! And, of course, a sprinkling of Bodybuilding Podcast reviews of: Heavy Muscle Radio! PED Radio! and The Guerrilla Chemist!….and NO Gear’d Up….(wimper). So come waste your time with us while you wait for Deadpool to open at the theaters today by putting down your juice box and pressing play…because it’s time to get nerdy…