BNR – Episode 133!!!

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Bodybuilding Nerds, UNITE!! With Thor Ragnarok opening today, there is NO TIME for lengthy show descriptions!! So here goes:

-Scott Competing again at the 2017 NPC Western Michigan at East Kentwood  High School 6230 Kalamazoo Ave Kentwood, MI: NOVEMBER 4TH!! Come say hi!!

-Stranger Things 2, heated discussion!

-Giordano’s Pizza Detroit, re-heated discussion!

-Pre-Contest constipation, luke-warm discussion!

-Shout Outs!

-How Veej wears his fat!

-Supplement Review!

-Veej is fat!

-Bodybuilding Podcast Reviews for; Beyond Driven! Muscle Minds! Clinical Muscle! Heavy Muscle Radio! Beast Fitness! THE SIZE GAME! And much much more!

The only thing that’s important today is THOR RAGNAROK…but FIRST, it’s time to get nerdy…